Used Hospital Beds

Are you or a family member in the market for a hospital bed? Family Rentals carries a variety of used hospital beds available for purchase. Whether you are a senior or recovering from an injury or post-surgery operation, hospital beds will help you to have a comfortable recovery.

Our selection of industry standard used hospital beds are durable, comfortable, and provide patients with electronic features in order to ensure a smooth transition between positions. Our beds are the ideal choice for those looking for the functionality of an adjustable bed without having to break the budget to get one. The beds that we feature have an interdependently moving foot section and head section, allowing you to adjust to the perfect position for your comfort level. Whether you want to read in bed or lay down to sleep, these adjustable beds are ideal for any desired seating or laying arrangement.

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Showing all 2 results

Used Hospital Beds are Ideal for Geriatric Patients

These unique used hospital beds provide you with support and comfort while helping you achieve a better quality of sleep. Besides multiple positioning options, these beds come with a high-quality, durable and thick mattress as well. The specially designed mattresses provide an all-around soft surface making them extremely comfortable. These beds are perfect for geriatric patients who are recovering from surgery.

With every feature you could want in an adjustable bed, you are guaranteed a deep sleep and quality nights rest. The bed allows your feet to be elevated to a zero gravity position, resulting in better blood circulation and added convenience. The whisper quiet system won’t disturb others and the gradual position transition will ensure that you won’t be jolted around while moving. Each bed comes with built-in gripped side rails for added safety and accommodation.

Comfortable and Supportive Used Hospital Beds

Have complete control of the way in which you relax, sleep, or recover with luxurious hospital beds. With functionality and support, you are guaranteed exceptional comfort with built-in performance all in one. Now you can have comfort and convenience right in your very own home. The beds are ideal for those who have difficulty getting up and out of standard flat beds. The elevating features put less pressure on the body resulting in an overall better quality of life and well-being.

All of our hospital beds are refurbished, thoroughly cleaned, and reconditioned to a like-new state. We ensure that every bed has working wheels and proper electrical functioning as well as all necessary parts to ensure quality, comfort, and safety. If you are looking for used hospital beds, look no further than Family Rentals. We specialize in resourcing used hospital beds for home use, nursing homes, hospitals and medical clinics.

We provide delivery to anywhere in the South Florida region directly to your home, hospital or clinic for added accessibility. Our beds are recommended by specialists in the medical, chiropractic and orthopedic fields as they are unequaled in support and comfort. If you’re also interested in unused beds, be sure to explore our selection of new hospital beds.