Electric Mobility Scooters for Sale

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Showing 1–12 of 36 results

Mobility Scooters For Sale

Are you looking for convenience and peace of mind all in one? Family Rentals offers mobility scooters for sale that will ease your ability to get around, promoting a balanced lifestyle and enhanced well-being. With top-of-the-line brands such as Drive, Pride, and Invacare, you can rest assure that you are receiving quality products with the utmost in reliability.

A Wide Variety Of Mobility Scooters

We offer a wide selection of new mobility scooters for sale that are designed to make your commute an easy and effortless one. All of our scooters come with a handy basket, perfect for holding your shopping bags and personal belongings. The scooters are designed with an ergonomic throttle control and simple freewheel operation for a truly enjoyable ride. The scooters also come with non-marking tires and wheels that have rugged tread so you can ride the scooter outdoors with satisfaction and reliability.  

If you are suffering from an injury and are looking for methods of travel while you are recovering, look no further than Family Rentals’ selection of electric mobility scooters. Many of our wheelchairs are now available in new condition for purchase. As soon as you receive your scooter, it’s important that you plug it in and charge the battery. All of our mobility scooters come with a long battery life, being able to last anywhere from four to six hours on one single charge.


Durable Electric Mobility Scooters 

The scooters are durable and built to last, making them one of our most popular and in-demand items available in our roster of medical equipment. They are quick and easy to disassemble, being able to fit in even small, compact cars. With height adjustability and anti-slip non-air-filled wheels, you will never have the worry of deflated tires while on the go.

With precision and excellence, our variety of scooters is great for steering sharp corners and getting through narrow spots. Our scooters mix the compact features of a small scooter with the inherent benefits of a large scooter. These devices come fully loaded with great features for a smooth and enjoyable ride. They also come with adjustable and removable armrests so you can adjust them to your exact comfort level.