Family Rentals

Posted On September 17, 2015

If you are in need of a furniture rental company, then you should contact Family Rentals. This is a South Florida furniture rental company. We offer a variety of quality products for you to choose from. Beds, furniture and cribs are some of the things that you can choose from. Not only do we offer furniture rental services, but you can also rent party supplies from our company. Some of the party supplies that we have include linens, chairs, tables and glassware. You can even rent gas barbecue grills and coolers.

Additionally, you can rent mobility and medical equipment from us, such as hospital beds, wheelchairs and electric scooters. Audio visual equipment, pool supplies, roller blades and bicycles are some of the other types of equipment that you can rent from us. All of the equipment that we rent out has been sterilized and cleaned by our housekeeping staff.

One of the reasons that you should consider choosing Family Rentals is our many years of experience. We have been providing services to people for nearly two decades. We first established our company in 1997. Ever since we first started, we have been dedicated to excellence and high-quality services.

We also offer prompt delivery service. Rental delivery service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our delivery services are also available 365 days out of the year.

Keep in mind that you pick up party and other smaller items. However, there are certain furniture items that have to be assembled and then delivered. Our full-sized crib is an example of one of the items that have to be assembled and delivered. The Queen-Size Bed is another item that has to be assembled and delivered. This is for both cosmetic and safety reasons. No minimum is required for delivery.

Deliveries are typically made in the morning or afternoon. You can also get Sunday, holiday, same day and special delivery times. We are adding to our inventory every day. If you need something, then you should not hesitate to ask us. Our goal is to make your experience as successful and pleasant as possible.

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