Enjoy The Cooler South Florida Weather With Bicycle Rentals

Posted On October 26, 2016

South Florida’s tropical climate can be unbearable in the summer but when the weather starts to cool down, outdoor activities become much more enjoyable.The changing weather means it is a perfect time to take advantage of bicycle rentals in Fort Lauderdale. With bikes available ranging in various sizes for every age, renting and riding bikes  is a fun activity the whole family will love.

Rent A Bike And Make A Weekend Out Of It

Fall and Winter in South Florida is a gorgeous time of year and what better way to enjoy it than a Fort Lauderdale bike rental. Pack a picnic and head to the local park, beach, or outdoor trail and enjoy the cool ocean breeze and tropical foliage that is all around you. Bike riding is a fantastic way to stay fit and have fun. It’s a non-strenuous way to get your body moving without breaking too much of a sweat. With so much to explore, you’ll be able to see it all via bike. Leave the car at home and hop on your bike! 

Don’t forget: safety first! Always ride with a helmet, as they save lives and prevent you from injury in the chance that you were to fall off your bike. Biking is a perfect way to explore and sightsee without missing a thing. If you aren’t up for a rugged uphill journey, opt for a low incline, easy rider path. If you are looking for a casual and enjoyable bike ride, look no further than Family Rentals for your bike rental in Fort Lauderdale. Renting a bike is an affordable way to spend a weekend in your very own city. 

Biking is a great mode of transportation that promotes a healthy lifestyle all while saving the environment. With fading temperatures and leaves changing color, fall makes for the perfect time for riding. With the autumn comes shorter days so be sure you are well prepared with headlights and reflective gear if you intend on riding in the early morning or in the evening. Biking through the cooler air is quite exhilarating and is even more refreshing when you can enjoy it with the ones you love.

If you typically drive your car to work, Fall is a perfect time to take your bike to work. Leave the keys at home and ride the several miles to work. You will feel far more awake when you arrive, as biking allows you the time to destress and get your blood flowing before you step into the office. If you are feeling brave and want to bike to work but feel as though it is slightly too far, opt to rent a lightweight, faster bike as these are ideal for longer commutes.