Life's A Party!

by Family Rentals 23. February 2012 05:01

We've already had a lot to celebrate in 2012, from New Year's to the Superbowl to President's Day Weekend. We're off to a great start and there's more to come! If you find you're planning a party for a birthday, an anniversary, or any other special occasion, we have a bevy of supplies to make your life easier. If you're expecting an influx of guests, we've got the supplies you need to round out your dinner or cocktail party needs. Here's the basics:

1. Chairs and Tables- More company means more seating. We have a wide variety of tables and chairs to meet your needs.

2. Linens- Choose your design scheme with our swath of colors for table linens.

3. Glassware- From champange flutes and wine glasses to martini glasses and beer mugs, we've got the glassware to make a splash at your party!

4. Dinnerware & Silverware- What's a dinner party without, well dinnerware? We've got dishes galore for any buffet, and of course, the silverware to match!